How It Works

Online English Speaking Classes for Kids is an engaging and interactive program designed to enhance children’s English language skills and boost their confidence in speaking. Through a comprehensive curriculum and experienced instructors, children aged 5-12 years old will develop their vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and conversational abilities. The program provides a supportive and immersive environment where children can practice and improve their English language proficiency while having fun and building lifelong communication skills.

By the end of this comprehensive program, children will have developed a strong foundation in English communication, improved their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and gained confidence in expressing themselves in English. They will have the ability to engage in conversations, give presentations, and navigate real-life situations in English, setting them on a path to becoming confident and fluent English speakers.


Module 1: Introduction to English Communication (Duration: 2 weeks)

  • Building a foundation of English language through basic vocabulary and phrases.
  • Developing pronunciation and listening skills.
  • Engaging in interactive activities to introduce greetings, introductions, and simple conversations.
  • Fun language games and exercises to foster a positive learning environment.

Module 2: Vocabulary Building (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Expanding vocabulary through themed lessons and word exercises.
  • Learning new words, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Engaging in conversations and discussions on various topics to reinforce vocabulary usage.
  • Interactive vocabulary games and challenges.

Module 3: Grammar and Sentence Structure (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Introduction to basic English grammar rules and sentence structure.
  • Practicing grammar concepts through exercises and activities.
  • Building sentences, asking questions, and forming simple responses.
  • Developing an understanding of verb tenses, nouns, pronouns, and basic sentence patterns.

Module 4: Speaking and Listening Skills (Duration: 2 weeks)

  • Enhancing speaking skills through dialogues, role plays, and storytelling activities.
  • Developing active listening skills and comprehension through audio exercises.
  • Practicing effective communication strategies such as turn-taking and active participation.
  • Collaborative speaking activities to encourage interaction and teamwork.

Module 5: Reading Comprehension (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Developing reading skills through age-appropriate texts and stories.
  • Enhancing comprehension through guided reading exercises.
  • Expanding vocabulary and understanding context clues in reading passages.
  • Encouraging critical thinking and interpretation of texts.

Module 6: Creative Writing (Duration: 2 weeks)

  • Stimulating creativity through writing prompts and exercises.
  • Practicing basic writing skills such as sentence structure, paragraph formation, and storytelling.
  • Developing descriptive writing abilities through imaginative and narrative writing activities.
  • Providing constructive feedback and guidance on written work.

Module 7: Public Speaking and Presentations (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Building confidence in public speaking through speech exercises and presentations.
  • Practicing articulation, voice projection, and body language.
  • Developing persuasive speaking skills through debates and persuasive speeches.
  • Encouraging self-expression and fostering effective communication skills.

Module 8: Cultural Awareness and Language Fluency (Duration: 2 weeks)

  • Exploring English-speaking cultures and traditions.
  • Learning idiomatic expressions, common phrases, and cultural nuances.
  • Enhancing language fluency through discussions on cultural topics.
  • Celebrating diversity and promoting intercultural understanding.

Note: The curriculum mentioned here is a general framework. The specific content and duration of each module can be customized based on the age group, English proficiency level, and specific interests of the children enrolled in the program.