How It Works

Online English Tutoring for Kids is an engaging and comprehensive program designed to help children aged 5-12 years old develop their English language skills. Our experienced tutors provide a structured curriculum that covers the fundamentals of English, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Through interactive lessons, engaging activities, storytelling, and language games, children will enhance their vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills. The program aims to foster a love for the English language, build confidence in language proficiency, and promote lifelong learning.

By the end of this comprehensive program, children will have developed strong English language skills, improved their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities, and gained confidence in communicating in English. They will have expanded their vocabulary, enhanced their grammar knowledge, and developed critical thinking skills. Most importantly, they will have a lifelong appreciation for the English language and the power of effective communication.

Module 1: Phonics and Vocabulary Building (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Introduction to phonics to develop reading and pronunciation skills.
  • Learning letter sounds, blends, and common sight words.
  • Building vocabulary through thematic lessons and word exercises.
  • Engaging in interactive activities and games to reinforce phonics and vocabulary.

Module 2: Reading Comprehension (Duration: 4 weeks)

  • Developing reading skills through leveled texts and age-appropriate literature.
  • Enhancing comprehension through guided reading exercises and discussions.
  • Expanding vocabulary and understanding context in written English.
  • Encouraging critical thinking and interpretation of texts.

Module 3: Grammar and Sentence Structure (Duration: 4 weeks)

  • Introduction to basic grammar concepts, including parts of speech and sentence structure.
  • Learning to construct grammatically correct sentences and use proper punctuation.
  • Practicing grammar through exercises, worksheets, and sentence formation activities.
  • Developing an understanding of verb tenses, noun agreement, and sentence types.

Module 4: Writing Skills (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Developing writing skills through guided prompts and creative writing exercises.
  • Learning paragraph structure, topic sentences, and supporting details.
  • Practicing descriptive, narrative, and persuasive writing techniques.
  • Encouraging creativity and critical thinking in written expression.

Module 5: Speaking and Listening Skills (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Developing speaking skills through conversational activities, role plays, and discussions.
  • Practicing pronunciation, intonation, and fluency in spoken English.
  • Enhancing listening skills through audio materials and comprehension exercises.
  • Engaging in interactive activities to foster effective communication.

Module 6: Vocabulary Expansion and Idioms (Duration: 2 weeks)

  • Expanding vocabulary through advanced word exercises and idiomatic expressions.
  • Learning idioms, phrasal verbs, and common expressions in English.
  • Practicing usage and contextual understanding of idiomatic language.
  • Encouraging creativity in language usage and expression.

Module 7: Presentation Skills and Public Speaking (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Developing confidence and effective communication skills in public speaking.
  • Preparing and delivering presentations on various topics.
  • Practicing articulation, body language, and presentation structure.
  • Enhancing critical thinking and persuasive speaking abilities.

Module 8: Literature and Cultural Exploration (Duration: 3 weeks)

  • Exploring classic and contemporary English literature for children.
  • Learning about diverse cultures and perspectives through literary works.
  • Studying famous authors, their contributions, and their literary styles.
  • Engaging in discussions and activities related to literature and cultural appreciation.

Note: The curriculum mentioned here is a general framework. The specific content and duration of each module can be customized based on the age group, language proficiency level, and specific interests of the children enrolled in the program.